Direct Mail Campaigns: Make the Most of Your Postcard Printing

Direct Mail Campaigns: Make the Most of Your Postcard Printing

Postcards are a very popular method of direct mail marketing. We all get them in our mailboxes frequently, which is a testament to their wide spread use and success. Postcards are designed to get your attention in some way. Some use a giant size, some use bright colors, some use creative artwork.

The Most Direct Form of Direct Mail.

The beauty of the postcard is that the message is staring right back at you from your stack of mail. You don't have to open an envelope to see the message. The message on that postcard is in your face without you doing anything. And that, my friends, is one of the main reasons why postcards are such a popular choice for direct marketing because they get seen. Another reason is that postcards have a relatively low cost to produce and mail.

Reverse shows Call to Action and repeats Contact Information

Design for Success.

Maybe you want to try a postcard campaign for your business. If so, remember to keep the message brief so that it reads quickly and is easy to understand. Use full color and creative design but keep it simple so it doesn't distract from your main message. Also, you need the following three elements on your postcard for it to get a good response.

  1. The first element is a Compelling Offer stated in a clear and concise way. The offer is the incentive that motivates people to act. State only one simple offer on the postcard because your goal is to quickly grab the attention of the recipient and create interest.
  2. Now that you have the recipient's attention and interest, you need a Call to Action. This is a clear explanation of what the recipient must do in order to get what it is you are offering. We've all seen calls to action such as Call Now, Schedule a Free Consultation, Limited Time Offer, Order Today, Sale Ends Soon, and Contact Us for More Information. Don't make the call to action complicated if you want your postcard to bring results.
  3. In order to take action your recipient must have your Contact Information. Display your phone number(s), email address and/or website so they are clear and easy to find. Put them on both sides of the postcard.
Simple yet Compelling Offer with Contact Information

Do Your Homework.

Before you even begin designing your postcards it is a good idea to speak with your printer for advice. There are specific rules that govern the dimensions, paper thickness, postage rates and certain design elements, such as the placement of the recipient's address. There are also different delivery options associated with a postcard campaign, such as presorted standard (formerly known as bulk mail) or first class. Knowing all your options up front will save you money and headaches down the road.

If you are looking to boost your business with a postcard campaign, we would be happy to discuss the design, printing and mailing processes with you. Just give us a call or submit our easy quote request form today!

Take care! Rick