Custom Calendar Printing: Your Best Value among Promotional Items

Custom Calendar Printing: Your Best Value among Promotional Items

Custom Printed Calendars provide year-round exposure for your Organization

Custom Printed Calendars are one of the best promotional items you can distribute to customers. Why? Because a calendar provides continual exposure to your company name and message-24 hours per day, 365 days per year. And a calendar is viewed by your customers as a useful gift, not as a traditional marketing piece.

Popular and Functional

As far as promotional items go, a printed calendar is about as good as it gets. Everyone uses calendars. Even better, calendars are displayed in highly visible locations and referred to several times per day. This means your organization's message is being seen over and over again. You get lasting impact for very little cost.

Wall calendars are the most popular type of printed calendar, mostly because they can be hung in plain view for easy reference. And wall calendars have a variety of design choices so you can select the one most appropriate for your customers. Other custom printed calendar formats include magnetic calendars, large poster type calendars, desk pad calendars, book type date planners and even notepads with the whole year printed along one side for quick reference.

Personalized vs Fully Custom

Personalized calendars are a very common type of printed promotional calendar. This type of calendar uses attractive stock photography and a professional, themed design to which an organization's name, logo, slogan, contact information, etc. is added. Since stock artwork is used for a personalized calendar, this method is a very economical choice, especially for smaller order quantities.

Some organizations prefer to have Fully Custom calendars printed, which are created using photos and/or artwork that is supplied by the organization itself. The images are often action shots of the company's products or facilities in use, or pictures of employees engaged in various workplace, community or customer activities. The benefit of a fully custom calendar is that it projects the organization's specific identity and strongly reinforces its unique value to the customer.

The First Calendar Wins.

As a general rule, the first calendar on the wall or desk stays put. This means if your company or organization is going to distribute a calendar at year's end, you want to make sure it arrives before the other companies' calendars. So start your calendar creation process as early in the year as possible.

Also, get your printer involved from the beginning so you understand all your options and have time to make necessary decisions. If you are planning a fully custom calendar, you will need time to produce and gather the photos and artwork. Creating the perfect calendar takes a little planning, but the results can be amazing and long lasting.

Formax can help with all your calendar printing needs. Whether you are looking to print 50 or 50,000 calendars, we can help your project run more smoothly. Just give us a call-we make calendar printing easy for you!

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