Church Directory Printing: Creating a Valuable Resource for Members

Church Directory Printing: Creating a Valuable Resource for Members

A professionally-printed member directory is a valuable resource for a church congregation.

A printed directory contains the names and contact information for all the leaders and members of the church. It provides the opportunity for congregants to contact and get to know each other. Some church directories even contain photos of the congregation members and list the committees and activities in which they participate.

In addition to being an excellent resource for current members, a printed directory is also a very practical welcome gift for new members. Through a directory, new members can learn more about the mission of the church and better acquaint themselves with leaders, staff and fellow members. In addition, directories often include a schedule of courses, events and programs offered by the church.

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Funding a Church Directory with Commercial Advertisements

Often, the cost of printing a church directory can be offset by offering advertising space to congregation members. For example, many parishioners are involved in high-demand professional services such as medical, financial, real estate, law, insurance or accounting. Others may provide computer or auto repair, home maintenance or remodeling, instruction or personal enrichment, and other in-demand services.

By allowing commercial advertisements to be placed within the directory, everyone at the church learns what business offerings fellow members may have to share. This helps bring members together because everyone prefers to deal with people and companies they know and trust. Plus, the ad revenue covers the cost of printing the directory.

Offering Ads to Businesses within the Community

In many cases, advertising space is limited to members of the church. But, it could also be offered to other commercial businesses within the community. Business owners will be pleased with the opportunity to reach members of the church and many will offer special rates or discounts to congregants as a result. It's truly a win-win relationship.

Important: Get your Printer involved early in the Process

If your church is planning to create a printed directory, it is recommended that you contact your printer early in the process to discuss all your options. In most cases, your printer will be able to offer suggestions to improve your directory's layout and function.

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Formax Printing Solutions can help print any size or type of bound directory your church may need. We offer a variety of options to match your needs and budget, so give us a call today at 866-367-6221 (toll free) to discuss your church directory project.

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