Business Printing: Use Presentation Pocket Folders to Enhance Image

Business Printing: Use Presentation Pocket Folders to Enhance Image

A Presentation Folder serves two functions. Its first function is very basic - to store and organize the documents used as part of a presentation. But storing and organizing documents is a task that can be accomplished by many other means, so why not just stick your client's proposal and brochures into a big ol' envelope? Or why not gather up all those charts and reports for that executive committee presentation, snap on some binder clips and call it a day?

The answers to those questions should be obvious. You don't use cheap, common office supplies because they won't make a very positive impression. And that brings us to the second and vastly more important function of a Presentation Folder: to enhance your image and provide memorable impact. Let's face it, you've worked hard to build trust and promote yourself and what you have to offer, so why not complete that important final step and provide your presentation with the finishing touch it needs?

A Presentation Folder is the Key to a Successful Presentation

Your Key to Success.

A Presentation Folder that gets attention through vibrant color and creative design elements helps make the statement that your firm is vibrant and creative. Likewise, a quality Presentation Folder tells your clients or audience that you care about your image and take the concepts within the folder seriously. This projects that you also care about your clients or audience and take their needs seriously. It cannot be stressed enough that the Presentation Folder is the key to making a successful presentation and a lasting impression. Not to sound cliché, but image really is everything!

Recommended Design Elements.

So what specific design elements help create a professional image? First and foremost, the name and logo of your company, organization or event should be prominently displayed. And if a product or service is being presented, the specific tradename is also recommended if it is a powerful and/or recognizable name. Metallic foil stamping and raised embossing are two excellent design methods for making a logo and name the focal point on a Presentation Folder. Another essential is the use of color, which should incorporate and complement the company colors. A folder printed in full color is usually the desired choice because it allows unlimited creativity and the use of "story-telling" photographs. But, if you wish to project a more conservative image, consider a one or two color presentation folder.

Choose Your Style.

The most common size for a Presentation Folder is 9" x 12" but they can also be made in many other sizes. Presentation Folders almost always have one or two interior pockets and so they are often referred to as Pocket Folders. The pockets can be printed upon and usually run horizontally, but vertical pockets can be created as well. The pocket outline can be square, rounded, diagonal or even a special die cut shape if you prefer. Slits and slots for business cards or CDs are other common design elements. Also, Presentation Folder can be designed so that they expand to hold bulkier contents or they can have a wrap-around flap to help keep them closed.

Presentation Folders are generally constructed from heavy cardstock to enhance the image of quality and to provide durability. A UV coating is a popular finish option for Presentation Folders because it adds sheen and makes the colors stand out. This durable clear coating also helps protect the folder from scuffs and abrasions. Because a Presentation Folder is really a marketing tool, you want to extend its useful life as long as possible.

Need More Guidance?

There are a lot of options to consider when designing a Presentation Folder. The style, colors and other design elements you choose are important because they will greatly affect your success. I cannot stress enough how much a well-designed folder will add credibility and effectiveness to your presentation. If you have any questions or need any assistance matching the proper folder options to the image you want to project, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help you succeed.

Take care! Rick