Book Printing: Use Page Dividers with Custom Tabs for Quick Indexing

Book Printing: Use Page Dividers with Custom Tabs for Quick Indexing

Page Dividers with Index Tabs allow quick referencing for Manuals, Handbooks, Proposals and Presentations

Page dividers with custom-printed index tabs provide an easy way to organize a bound document into logical sections. The tabs provide a concise label for each section, allowing the user to quickly locate specific areas within the printed information.

Page dividers with tabs are most commonly used to separate and identify the topics within a ringed binder or spiral bound document, but they can also be incorporated into other binding styles as well. They are a popular feature of manuals, handbooks, proposals, presentations and any other multi-page documents that need quick referencing.

Page Dividers can be Customized in a Variety of Ways

The most economical way to create custom page dividers is to simply print custom information onto stock-size page dividers using black ink. Any part of the page divider could receive printing or just the tabs could be printed. The tabs could be printed on the front, back or both sides and oriented to whichever direction is more user-friendly. To increase visual appeal, stock-size page dividers can also be printed using colored ink(s).

Some projects require totally-custom page dividers. These are created with a custom die to form the tabs, making them a different size, shape or configuration than standard tabs. This works well if the tabs require a unique look or have a larger than normal format that needs additional surface area for printing. Custom page dividers can also be produced with special overall dimensions, non-standard paper stock, full-color printing or any combination of distinctive features.

Mylar Film Adds Protection and Longevity

Whether the page dividers are a stock size or custom size, the tab area is often covered with a transparent Mylar film to add durability. Clear Mylar is the most common, but Mylar also comes in a variety of colorful hues. Also, if the page dividers are used in a ringed binder or spiral bound application, the holes along the edge of the page divider are commonly reinforced with Mylar film to resist premature wear and tear.

Whether you need sets of custom-printed page dividers to insert yourself, or require custom-printed binders or books with page dividers already installed, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. We can explain all your options and provide cost-saving solutions for your next printing project.

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