Book Printing for the Trade: Outsourcing-�More Money in your Pocket

Book Printing for the Trade: Outsourcing- More Money in your Pocket

Outsourcing orders for Printed Books is a Simple Way to put More Money in your Pocket

Since I started blogging about the benefits of outsourcing printed books, I've had quite a few inquiries from Print Shops and Graphic Designers about how the outsourcing process works.

So, I thought I'd give a quick overview of some of the questions I've received. Bear in mind that my answers reflect the way Formax operates, other book printers may do things differently.

"How do I find book printing opportunities?"

1) It's easy-and there's no need to make cold calls! Just get the message out by letting your existing clients know you offer book printing.

2) Ask your clients to contact you when a book need arises. Chances are good your business clients use some sort of printed books throughout the year.

3) Follow-up on any book inquiries that come your way (you can always call Formax if you need help or advice).

"What types of books can Formax produce?"

1) Just about any type you might encounter - catalogs, manuals, directories, handbooks, programs, booklets and so on.

2) Our binding styles include perfect bound, spiral/coil bound, saddle-stitched, ringed binder assemblies, etc.

3) We can print your books in full-color or black ink, in quantities of 200 to 15,000.

"I received a quote request for printed books from one of my clients-now what?"

1) Contact Formax with the details and specifications of your client's book.

2) We'll ask you some questions and then provide you with a wholesale quote.

3) You add your profit to the quote and pass it along to your client.

"My client approved the quote and wants to order the books. What's next?"

1) Contact us to discuss the order, including whether the books will be sent to you or blind-shipped directly to your client.

2) After all questions are answered and specs are confirmed, forward us the book's artwork files.

3) We'll create a quality proof of the book and send it to you for your client's approval. This ensures everyone is in complete agreement on the desired outcome.

4) Once your client approves the proof, we print and ship the books to the location you designate.

If the above seems incredibly simple, that's because it is! We handle all the production details. All you have to do is pass along the order. You can easily make hundreds or thousands of dollars by outsourcing books. And it requires absolutely no investment on your part - no binding equipment, no extra personnel, no scheduling or floor space issues - just pure profit!

Also, all our books are printed and bound in the Midwest, nothing is produced overseas. So you'll be pleased with the quality and turn-around time. Plus, Formax offers the personalized support and guidance you need to properly serve your clients and capture more book sales.

Formax is a preferred outsource partner for many print-related businesses that don't have the means or desire to create printed books. Does this describe your situation? If so, don't keep turning profits away! Give Formax a call at 866-367-6221 to learn more about the tremendous benefits of Book Outsourcing.

We've also prepared a FREE Guide to Book Outsourcing. It explains how to properly spec out book projects as well as which types of organizations are good prospects for printed books. Just give us a call at 866-367-6221 and we will email you this informative 16-page report.

Take care! Rick