Book Printing for the Trade: Book Orders are Bigger than they Seem!

Book Printing for the Trade: Book Orders are Bigger than they Seem!

Book Printing
Formax has been in the printing business for over 30 years. Book printing is one of Formax's specialties and makes up a major portion of our business. However, Formax didn't always offer book printing. In the early years, we chose to focus on flyers, brochures, letterhead and other popular "flat sheet" printing.

If you are in the printing trade but don't offer books to your clients, we hope you will take a moment to read this brief article. You may find out, like we did, that offering books can drastically improve your business and help it grow.

Early in our business, we did not realize the amazing benefits of selling books versus other types of printing. After all, it wasn't unusual to sell flyers or brochures in quantities of 25,000 or 50,000 back then. We were very pleased with these large volume orders.

Then one day, almost by accident, we encountered our first request for printed books. A client of ours asked for some page sets to be printed and assembled in 3-ring binders. The quantity was 500.

These 500 books, though very much appreciated, didn't initially register as a large order in our rookie minds. Only while writing up the order did we realize the true magnitude of the project.

500 books x 200 pages = 100,000 total pages to print! Not a little job by any means. It was quite substantial.

From that point on, every time we spoke to a client or prospect, we would be sure to ask them this question: Does your company ever require books, catalogs, manuals, binder sets, or any other multi-page documents?

If you ask that one simple question, you will be amazed to find there are so many companies that order books. We were definitely amazed. And now Formax has grown year after year, mostly because of new and recurring book orders.

Needless to say, selling books is very rewarding. Books are generally nice-sized orders and they generate repeat business. Plus, there is often less competition compared to other printed items.

Through our outsource program, Formax helps other printers, copy shop owners, graphic designers and other trade professionals offer books so they can further grow their business. It is actually quite easy.

Remember, your customers have to order books from someone-why not you?

Also, we've prepared a FREE Guide to Book Outsourcing. It explains how to properly spec out book projects as well as which types of organizations are good prospects for printed books. Just give us a call at 866-367-6221 and we will email you this informative 16-page report.

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