An Easel-Style Flip Book is Ideal for One-on-One Sales Presentations

Flip Book with Die-Cut Tabs

In the world of sales, particularly consumer sales, it is quite common for a salesperson to meet with just one decision-maker or possibly a couple. Presenting a product or service to a limited audience instead of a roomful provides a better opportunity to focus the conversation on the client's specific needs.

To enhance this conversation further, many salespeople use a flip book to help educate and persuade the client. Also known as a presentation book or pitch book, a flip book is a bound document that helps the client visualize and better understand all the important points made by the salesperson.

What is an "Easel-Style" Flip Book?

An easel-style flip book is different from a typical presentation book. An easel-style book can sit upright on a tabletop, counter, or desk using a self-standing A-frame base that is bound into the book. Also, most easel-style flip books are created with the spiral coil or wire-o binding method along the top edge. Both of these binding methods allow the pages to turn very easily and stay put once turned. In addition, the cover and pages are often laminated to increase rigidity and durability.

The two-sided construction of an easel-style flip book allows the pages seen by the salesperson to be printed somewhat differently than the pages seen by the clients. For example, the salesperson's side may display key questions, additional points, reminders, or other prompts to stimulate conversation and gauge understanding. These prompts and suggestions are not visible to the clients.

An easel-style flip book provides a cost-effective way to develop rapport and increase professionalism. Though a flip book could never replace the expertise of a seasoned salesperson, it is an extremely practical method for enhancing communication during a presentation.

What are the Benefits of an Easel-Style Flip Book?

Can Be Used Anywhere

Easel-style flip books are completely self-contained, lightweight, and portable. They can be used virtually anywhere, by anyone, and at any time. They work equally well on a retail counter, on a desk in a prospect's office, or on a kitchen table when conducting in-home consumer sales.

Controls the Pace of the Presentation

Because each page of the flip book focuses on one thought or concept at a time, it helps regulate the flow and tempo of the presented information. This not only adds structure, it ensures that all essential points are made during the presentation-�nothing is missed or forgotten.

Makes a Memorable Impression

People retain more information about what they see than what they hear. Because a flip book adds a visual component to the presentation, it makes a more lasting impression than the spoken word alone. A flip book helps people remember you, your company, and your offerings.

Simple and Low Tech

Modern technology is truly amazing, but nothing will derail a sales pitch quicker than an uncooperative laptop or iPad. With a printed flip book, there are no concerns about software glitches, hardware problems, or operator errors. Also, unlike an electronic presentation - such as a PowerPoint slideshow - a flip book requires no electric outlet or batteries. Your flip book will always work as intended.

Improves the Interaction with the Client

When using a traditional book format (or computer screen) during a presentation, the salesperson must sit alongside the clients so everyone can properly view the content at the same time. This can create awkward positioning for the client and has the potential to make them feel crowded. However, an easel-style book stands upright and has two distinct sides-�one side can be seen by the clients while the other side is seen by the salesperson. This allows the salesperson to sit across from the clients, which is a much more comfortable position for all involved.

Provides a Competitive Advantage

The most prepared salesperson is often the one who gets the sale. Though a presentation book is not a substitute for a knowledgeable salesperson, it is a highly effective supplement to the sales experience. When designed properly, a professionally-printed flip book builds trust and improves the image of both the company and the salesperson. It is a very functional way to highlight the unique value your company has to offer.

Who uses Flip Books?

Virtually any business that gives presentations to one or two decision makers at a time can greatly benefit from the use of an easel-style flip book. Here's some common examples-�

Companies that perform In-Home Sales
Easel-style flipbooks are perfect for any sales presentation that takes place in the consumer's home. This includes all companies that offer home-improvement products and services, such as windows, doors, siding, roofing, landscaping, HVAC and so on.

Businesses that have Retail Counters
Stores with retail counters are a natural fit for selling with the aid of an easel-style flip book. These include jewelry stores, fashion eyewear, cameras, and more.

Businesses that operate Showrooms
Vehicle dealerships, furniture and appliance stores, piano and organ dealers, and similar big-ticket retailers direct most of their sales efforts toward walk-in prospects. This scenario is an excellent fit for the always-ready flip book.

Providers of Professional Services
Medical and dental offices, real estate and insurance agencies, legal and financial service providers, consulting and accounting firms, and other specialists all need to explain their detailed services and programs using a simple and visually oriented presentation.

Businesses that conduct Outside Sales
Easel-style flip books are convenient and travel well, so they come in handy for any organization that employs a team of reps to make sales calls at the clients' place of business. This includes product manufacturers, wholesale companies, rep agencies, distributors, etc.

Needless to say, easel-style flip books are a great way to supplement your sales presentation. If you have any questions about easel-style flip books or have an upcoming flip book project, give Formax a call at 866-367-6221. Or, submit our easy quote form. We look forward to assisting you!

Take care! Rick

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