Book Printing: Five Ways to Help Your Book Stand Out

As a printer of books, we are often asked about various ways to add distinction to a medium or long run book project. More specifically, which features will provide a unique look without adding a lot of extra cost. Below…

Catalog Envelopes vs Booklet Envelopes

Catalog envelopes and Booklet envelopes are two popular types of business envelopes. Both are available in various sizes, with the most common sizes being 6″ x 9″, 9″ x 12″ and 10″ x 13″. These larger envelopes are ideal for…

Why Saddle-Stitched Booklets Require the Page Count to be a Multiple of 4

Most booklets are created with the Saddle-Stitch binding method. This economical method uses printed sheets that are folded and nested one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. The staples pass through the folded…

Map Printing: 7 Things to Consider when Printing a Custom Map

Custom-printed maps are used by a variety of enterprises, including businesses, tourist attractions, recreational complexes, park departments, schools, event and project planners, utility companies, government agencies and many others. If you have an upcoming map project, below are seven tips…

Mini Book Printing: 5 Practical Uses for Small Books and Booklets

Certain book projects require the books to be quite small in size. Not only are the width and height dimensions smaller than usual, the thickness of the book sometimes needs to be kept to a minimum as well. Though there…

10 Frequently-Asked Questions about the Spiral Binding Method

1) Is Spiral Binding the same as Coil Binding? Yes. Spiral Binding and Coil Binding are interchangeable terms for the same book binding method. 2) How is a Spiral Bound book constructed? The spiral binding method joins the pages and…

Printing Lingo: What is 4-Color Process Printing?

4-Color Process is the most widely used method for printing full-color images. All commercial printers use the 4-Color Process method for projects that contain multi-colored designs or photographs. This includes books, catalogs, manuals, magazines, brochures, postcards and any other printed…

Printing Lingo: What is UV Printing?

UV Printing refers to a commercial printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology. Also known as Ultraviolet Printing, the UV Printing process involves special inks that have been formulated to dry quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. As the…

What is Shrink-Wrap? Why should you Consider it for your Printing Orders?

What is Shrink-Wrap? Shrink-wrap is a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heat is applied to it. It is a widely used packaging option. As it shrinks, the film conforms to the shape of the item being packaged, totally enclosing…

Map Printing: Tear-Off Pads are a Very Convenient Way to Distribute Maps

Printed maps are often provided by Visitor Centers, Event Promoters, Tourist Attractions, Information Desks, Rental Car Agencies, Hotel Reception Areas and Concierge Stations…plus many other places and venues where people might need some assistance to efficiently navigate the local area….

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Does an Outstanding Job

Formax Printing does an outstanding job printing anything and everything we send them. But the biggest reason I go to them time and again is the customer service. Our...

- Cynthia P, Primary & Secondary Education

We Consider Formax a Partner

We consider Formax a partner in every sense of the word. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and their attention to detail is greatly appreciated! Whether a large order...

- Becky R, Charitable Organization

They Exceed My Expectations

Formax knows everything about printing so I don’t have to. I have been working with them since 2000. As the Marketing Coordinator of a small company, I wear many...

- Cheryl M, Industrial Heating Equipment

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