Benefits of Postcards

Benefits of PostcardsThe TOP TEN Benefits
of using Postcards to Promote
your Business or Organization...

1) Postcards are Affordable –
Postcards offer high-quality marketing for a very low investment. In fact, a postcard is the most cost-effective form of targeted marketing available. Not only is the printing inexpensive, in most cases the postage rate is much lower. This makes promotional postcards affordable for any size business or organization.

2) Postcards are Measurable –
The effectiveness of a postcard campaign is easy to track. You know exactly how many postcards were mailed out and exactly how many new inquiries, leads, and/or sales were generated. In addition, the measurability of postcards makes them an especially good method for test marketing. You can mail out smaller postcard batches of different offers and then evaluate which offer produced the best response rate.

3) Postcards are Versatile –
Postcards are as versatile as your imagination. They can be used to introduce new products and services, announce a sale or special offer, invite people to a tradeshow, seminar or event, drive traffic to a website, serve as a coupon…just about any marketing idea you have can be conveyed through a postcard.

4) Postcards are Efficient –
Unlike other forms of direct mail, postcards aren’t hidden within an envelope or packet. This allows the recipient to clearly see your offer while sorting through the day’s mail. Because no additional steps are required, your postcard makes an immediate impression.

5) Postcards are High-Impact –
A postcard isn’t a multi-page document or lengthy brochure, it is a single piece of cardstock. By design, the message conveyed on a postcard gets right to the point. The creative use of color, attention-grabbing design, and oversized dimensions are ways to further enhance the impact of your message.

6) Postcards are Tangible –
Postcards arrive to your audience in physical form. By contrast, a promotional email only exists in an intangible, electronic form. An email cannot be felt or held. Also, because an email arrives as a single line of type within a busy inbox, it can be easily overlooked or deleted. Postcards, on the other hand, are almost guaranteed to be held, touched, and seen by the recipients.

7) Postcards are Quick to Launch –
Because postcards are relatively straight-forward, they do not take as long for a talented graphic artist to create. Postcards are also relatively quick to print and need no special preparation for mailing. Also, prepaid postage (an Indicia) can be imprinted directly on the postcards during the printing process. Thus, once you decide to embark on a postcard campaign, you will be able to launch it within a matter of days or weeks, not months.

8) Postcards are Perfect for Target Marketing –
Postcards can be sent to prospective clients, brand new clients, preferred clients, former clients, or any market segment you choose. By designing your postcard and offer toward a well-defined and specific target audience, your marketing efforts become much more effective.

9) Postcards are Stealthy –
Sometimes you don’t want your competition to know about your offers and promotional ideas. This can be a problem if you promote your business via TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, or other mass marketing approach. However, when you promote with direct-mail postcards, your marketing message is seen only by those you intend to see it.

10) Postcards are Proven –
Postcards have been around since the days of the Pony Express. They are a proven method of communication. Chances are you receive promotional postcards in your mailbox almost daily. Why? Because Postcards Work!

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