Promotional Printing Lingo: What is a Buck Slip?

In the world of promotional printing, a Buck Slip refers to a small printed piece that contains a specific sales offer or marketing message. Sometimes called a buck insert or buck sheet, most buck slips are single, unfolded sheets that…

Perfect Binding: Always Select PUR Adhesive when You Have the Choice!

Perfect bound books, especially manuals, catalogs, and directories, are used by a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Authors also use the perfect binding method for both fiction and non-fiction titles. Because of such widespread popularity, perfect bound books are…

Book Printing: 5 Tips for Laying out the Cover of a Perfect Bound Book

Perfect Bound Books are one of the most popular styles of softcover books. This binding style offers a very professional appearance for a relatively low cost.  Also, short runs of perfect bound books can be produced rather quickly on digital…

Printing Lingo: What Does “Radius” Mean when Referring to Rounded Corners?

“Rounded Corners” is a finishing technique used to improve the aesthetics and/or functionality of certain printed pieces. For example, business cards and promotional brochures are often designed with rounded corners to achieve a unique look. Flash cards, pocket-sized booklets, and…

The Practical Alternative to Folded Restaurant Menus

Traditionally, dine-in restaurant menus have incorporated one or more folds to create multiple panels, or pages, of information. Whether using a bi-fold, tri-fold, gatefold, or other folding configuration, the folds of the menu help divide the food and drink choices…

Book Printing Lingo: What is Coil Binding?

Coil Binding, also known as Spiral Binding, is a very popular and relatively simple bookbinding method. The coil binding process secures the pages and cover of a book using a durable plastic or metal coil that resembles a long spring….

Printing Lingo: What is Spot UV?

UV Coating is a tough clear-coat applied over printed matter. It is applied in liquid form, then exposed to Ultra-Violet (UV) light which bonds and dries it instantly…hence its name “UV Coating.” Spot UV refers to the application of this…

Long-Run Printing: Five Ways to Save Money on Books, Catalogs, and Manuals

Once your business or organization gets to the point where it is ordering books, catalogs, manuals, or other multi-page documents in longer runs, say quantities of 5,000 or more, you will have likely outgrown traditional sheet-fed printing methods. Long-run print…

Book Printing Lingo: What is Comb Binding?

Comb Binding, also known as Cerlox binding or Surelox binding, makes use of a cylindrical plastic shape that has multiple curved tines along its length. This rigid plastic shape forms the book’s spine and would resemble a hair comb if…

Need a Small Run of Landscape Books? A Large Digital Press Offers the Best Value

A Landscape Book is a book that has a width dimension larger than its height dimension. Books that measure 11” wide x 8.5” high, 10” wide x 8” high, or 9” wide x 6” high are all examples of the…

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Does an Outstanding Job

Formax Printing does an outstanding job printing anything and everything we send them. But the biggest reason I go to them time and again is the customer service. Our...

- Cynthia P, Primary & Secondary Education

We Consider Formax a Partner

We consider Formax a partner in every sense of the word. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and their attention to detail is greatly appreciated! Whether a large order...

- Becky R, Charitable Organization

They Exceed My Expectations

Formax knows everything about printing so I don’t have to. I have been working with them since 2000. As the Marketing Coordinator of a small company, I wear many...

- Cheryl M, Industrial Heating Equipment

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